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Public Notice of Planning Proposals

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There are no public notices of planning proposals currently being advertised.

Public Notice - Proposed Local Law

The Shire of Gingin hereby notifies for public comment that it proposes to make a Waste Amendment Local Law 2017.

Purpose:           The purpose of this local law is to amend the Shire of Gingin Waste Local Law 2016.

Effect:                The effect of this local law is to ensure that the Shire of Gingin Waste Local Law 2016 incorporates a clause clearly setting out the objection and appeal rights applicable to the local law.

A copy of the proposed local law may be inspected or obtained at the Shire of Gingin Administration Centre, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin and the Shire’s Lancelin Office, Vins Way, Lancelin during office hours, or from the link below:

Waste Amendment Local Law 2017

Submissions from the public in relation to the proposed local law will be accepted up until 4.00pm on Monday, 13 November 2017.  Hard copy submissions may be posted or hand delivered, and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Gingin, PO Box 510, Gingin  WA  6503.  Submissions may also be emailed to

All enquiries should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer on (08) 9575 2211 or via email to


Public Notice of Major Land Transaction

The Shire of Gingin proposes to enter into a major land transaction by way of leasehold between the Shire of Gingin and Experience Holiday Parks Pty Ltd for the redevelopment and management of the Lancelin Caravan Park located at Lot No 31 and Lot No 762 (Reserve 21760) Hopkins Street, Lancelin.

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995, Section 3.59, the Business Plan setting out and explaining the proposal can be viewed at the links below, or alternatively at the Shire's Administration Office, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin, or Lancelin Office, Vins Way, Lancelin.

Lancelin South Caravan Park - Business Plan - Pracsys
Appendix A - Lancelin South Caravan Park Plan
Appendix B - Lancelin South Caravan Park Design Concept
Appendix B - Lancelin South Caravan Park Planning Report - Halsall & Associates
Appendix C - Certificate of Title
Appendix C - Lancelin South Caravan Park Diagram

Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer at or Shire of Gingin, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin, WA 6503.

All enquiries regarding the proposal should be made to the Shire's Executive Manager Planning and Development on (08) 9575 2211.

Jeremy Edwards
T: (08) 9575 2211

Firebreak Order 2017-18

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Local Planning Scheme Amendments

Local Planning Scheme No. 9 Scheme Amendment No. 8

Please see link below to full report:

Harley Dykstra - Rezoning of Pt Lot 5450 Wannamal Road West, Boonanarring from "General Rural" to "Special Use (Landfill and Composting Facility)"

Club Development Officer - acknowledgement of supporters

The State Government, through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, and Lotterywest, is a major supporter of the Shire of Gingin Club Development Officer role in Western Australia.

Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

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Boat Launching Facility Planning Study

Click here to view the Boat Launching Facility Planning Study


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