The Shire of Gingin Community Bus was funded by the Lotteries Commission of WA, Commonwealth Department of Veterans' Affairs, Shire of Gingin, Epic Energy and Tiwest. The purpose of the bus is to provide transport for community groups and other groups as required. The bus houses a wheelchair lift with provision for two (2) wheelchair passengers.

The bus has a carrying capacity of 21 passengers without wheelchairs, and 15 passengers with two wheelchairs in place. The bus is housed in a garage situated on Robinson Street and is serviced and refuelled by Shire Staff.


Booking Procedures

Bookings must be made at the Shire Administration Office during normal office hours (8.30am to 4.00pm) Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays).

Standard charge - $1.55 per km

Click here for applicable list of fees & charges (page 2).

A maximum of 50% discount applies for aged pensioner groups operating within the Shire, and the Lancelin RSL. Driver class - 'LR' licence required unless paying customers. If paying customers, an "F" endorsement is required.

The booking form (on-line) is to be completed when a booking is made. A hire bond is payable at this time. The original form is to be retained at the Shire office and a copy given to the volunteer driver or group organiser.

The Bus Excursion Advice is to be completed prior to departure. This is a booklet in duplicate form, which is kept on the bus. The original copy is to be retained by the hirer. The duplicate copy is to remain in the book.

The Vehicle Log Book is to be filled out by the person responsible for re-fuelling and checking the bus. This book to remain in the bus.

The Volunteer Registration Form is to be filled out by all intending volunteer drivers. This register is to remain at the Shire office.

Community Bus Hire Conditions and Application Form