2020 #shoWcAse in Pixels Competition

This annual competition is a chance for communities from across WA to showcase what's special about their local government area in a creative format which also displays the local talent of these communities.

The exhibition of artwork from local governments will be displayed at the iconic digital tower at the heart of Yagan Square. 

Traditionally (until 2018) the artwork, in the form of physical banners, were hung on the poles along St Georges and Adelaide Terrace. Since 2019, the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) has the opportunity to display the entries for the #shoWcAse in Pixels Competition as digital artwork designs on the 45-metre high tower at Yagan Square, which features a circular screen with 14 columns that represents the 14 Noongar language groups.

This new format of display means participants are no longer restricted to PVC canvas and are encouraged to be as creative as they can. To participate in this competition, the following has been prepared to help entrants prepare their competition entries. 

Judging Criteria & Theme

Use bold lettering to stand out from the crowd – each submission has to include the name of the relevant Council.

The Convention Theme for this year is:


 Keep any written messages short and simple and use large and clear lettering.

According to the category the banner has been entered in, the judges will consider:

  • Is it easy to identify where the banner comes from?
  • Can you easily read the Council’s name?
  • How is the composition of the piece?
  • Can you identify something about the place? E.g. does it depict wildflowers, farming, coffee strip, etc.?
  • Use of colour and creativity
  • Artistic merit
  • Individuality, boldness and humour.

Competition Categories

The categories are:

  • Junior primary school(s) (Pre-primary – Year 3)
  • Upper primary school(s) (Year 4 – 6)
  • Secondary school(s) (Year 7 – 12)
  • Community group(s) / Non-Professional
  • Professional / Digital (including digitally designed prints, artist produced banners)

Artwork Painting and Digital Images

As there is no limit on the choice of media or canvas, feel free to be creative! There is no need to use weather-proof paint nor a specific PVC canvas.

The canvas can be in any material – some canvas ideas are:

  • Floor
  • Pavement
  • Wall
  • Fabric/Canvas
  • Paper

You can also use any media, such as:

  • Paint
  • Materials to create a collage, even recyclable items
  • Mosaic art
  • Mixed media

However, please be aware that the following specs for the canvas needs to be followed:

Size of canvas: in ratio of height is to width:

1.38 (height) : 1 (width)

For digitally-created banners, please create your submission in this dimension:

896 pixels (height) by 650 pixels (width)

Digitally-created artwork can only be included in the Professional/Digital category.

For 2019 winners for the overall competition, please refer to https://walga.asn.au/News,-Events-and-Publications/Media/Starry-Sky-in-Bustling-Mining-Town-Takes-Top-Art-A.

Entry Conditions & Deadlines

  • One entry per person/group/organisation.
  • This competition is open to all Shire of Gingin residents, groups/organisations and schools. Entries from residents, groups/organisations and schools outside of the Shire of Gingin will not be accepted. 
  • Please include with your entry a description of your artwork (250 words maximum) detailing:
  1. How it was created
  2. What mediums were used
  3. The inspiration behind each element or the composition
  4. The competition category you are entering under (refer above)

As the digital tower faces the road, the following guidelines must be strictly adhered to:

  • No solid red, green or orange/amber colours
  • No photograph/pictures of road networks or traffic
  • Content cannot include colours or shapes that could be mistaken for traffic signals, signs or instruction signs
  • Composition should not be chiefly made up of dark images as they will not be visible during the day.

The artwork must be submitted via email (cmo@gingin.wa.gov.au) by COB Friday, 15 May 2020. 

All submissions will then be judged by the Shire of Gingin based on how well they meet the Judging Criteria and Theme. A winner will be selected to receive the $200 cash prize from the Shire. The winning entry will then be entered into the #shoWcAse in Pixels Competition where it will have the opportunity to compete against other local governments around WA to win it's individual category and the overall competition.  

All entries are subjected to the approval of the Shire of Gingin and WALGA before they can be included in the digital slideshow at Yagan Square.

Failure to send through your submission by the deadline will mean that the Shire will be unable to judge your entry to choose a winner for submission to represent the Shire of Gingin to include in the 2020 #shoWcAse in Pixels Competition

Please do not send the physical artwork to the Shire of Gingin. Submit photographs of the artwork or the digital piece to (cmo@gingin.wa.gov.au) by COB Friday, 15 May 2020. 

If your artwork is not created digitally then you will need to take a photograph of the banner. We recommend the photograph be taken from a height so as not to skew the banner. Please ensure the entirety of the artwork is captured in the photograph.

The photograph or digital submission needs to be 300 DPI. When sending through the photograph, select the original size (do not resize the image or choose a smaller file size if you have taken the photo with your phone). If the file size is too large, consider creating a Dropbox account (www.dropbox.com) then uploading to Dropbox. You can then send a link to cmo@gingin.wa.gov.au. You will need to remember to email your entry description separately or else also upload it to Dropbox and send it together with the photograph of your submission. 

For digitally-created banners, please create your submission in this dimension: 896 pixels (height) by 650 pixels (width) in 300 DPI.


Please contact Miranda Wallace, Communications & Marketing Officer, on (08) 9575 5150 during office hours.

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