The Shire of Gingin welcomes opportunities to work in partnership with community groups/organisations on projects of significance in the Gingin Shire region.

The Shire's commitment to this is so that it may "support the community to be inclusive, vibrant, healthy and safe" as outlined in the Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029. 

This page provides information on:

  • Community partnership projects the Shire is currently supporting; and
  • How to liaise with the Shire regarding community projects planned for Shire Land and/or Assets. 


Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group

The Shire is pleased to be part of a Working Group to progress the preparation of a Master Plan for the future development of the Lancelin Sporting Complex as a consolidated facility for the Shire's Upper Coastal Region. More information and updates can be found in the reports below:

Meeting Report 22 January 2019

Meeting Report 12 February 2019

Presentation Report 27 March 2019

Gingin Outdoor Activity Space Project

The Shire is pleased to be supporting the Working Group for the Gingin Outdoor Activity Space Project. Our shared vision is to create an attractive interactive outdoor space to be enjoyed by everyone who lives in and visits Gingin.

Up to date information on this project can be found on the Working Group's Facebook page, see link below:

Click here to review the consultation summary results for the surveys undertaken for this project with the public and students of Gingin DHS.


From time to time a community group/individual may wish to undertake a project where they would like to alter, upgrade and/or add new infrastructure/assets to the Shire of Gingin’s property (including land). The Shire loves receiving innovative proposals and strongly encourages these sorts of projects as often the public is using these facilities and/or land and it is obvious to them that there may be a need to make improvements. 

However, in the first instance the Shire (as the landowner/manager) should be contacted to determine if these works may be carried out BEFORE any such works are undertaken as community groups/individuals may not undertake any works on Shire property/land without the authority of the Shire of Gingin. By not seeking and obtaining permission from the Shire to carry out any work, those who have enacted the changes have carried out unapproved works – a concept no different than a tenant making changes to private property without informing their landlord. 

So if you are an individual or community group and you have a proposal for a Shire asset (or piece of land, i.e. public park) then please read through our 'Frequently Asked Questions' fact sheet and fill in a 'Concept Enquiry' form. The 'Project Plan' form is still in development and will be made available shortly. 

  • Click here to read the 'Frequently Asked Questions' fact sheet
  • 'Concept Enquiry': click here to download a Word document version

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