Gingin Outdoor Activity Space Project


Corner Weld St and Jones St, Gingin (adjacent to the Granville Civic Centre car park).


In March 2018 a group of diverse Gingin residents formed the Gingin Interactive Space ‘Group’ (a community led ‘Working Group’) to initiate and progress the development of a new outdoor activity space within the Gingin town site.  The Gingin Outdoor Activity Space (GOAS), formerly known as the Gingin Regional Playground, was instigated by the community given the aging and limited playground equipment in the Gingin town site. This feedback was provided to the Shire at a workshop for the review of it's Strategic Community Plan and consequently, the project was added to the plan which informs the Shire's budgeting process over a 10 year period with reviews undertaken every 2 years. 

The original ‘Gingin Regional Playground’ project was to potentially relocate, renew and add to existing playground equipment aimed at children. Upon review, the Working Group recognised the need for an outdoor space that supported inclusion and engagement of all ages. The community vision of the Working Group ‘is for a cohesive, accessible multigenerational outdoor recreational space within the centre of Gingin town. The Working Group has been actively working with the Shire throughout all stages of the project to support planning, development, acquiring of funding and in-kind support.

Project Objectives

For the Gingin Outdoor Activity Space the Working Group, together with the Shire, determined that the project will: 

  • Be a safe and inviting environment, encouraging community usage, enjoyment and connectivity;
  • Provide fun for children and will grow their creative play;
  • Be accessible and inclusive and foster social interaction of all ages;
  • Celebrate the history, diversity and identity of the Gingin community and local region;
  • Preserve and promote the natural environment;
  • Contribute to the economic development through tourism and visitor interest (patronage); and
  • Be financially sustainable. 


The following is a brief overview of the key Milestones to date and links to associated public information.

Time Line



March 2018

Community Working group formed

  • Represented by diverse community members, the group worked together to collective determine the project goals and vision.
  • A community survey to determine what community valued and a Facebook page was also created at a later stage. 


May 2018

Community Working Group and Shire collaboration

The Community Working Group met with the Shire to discuss the project and to commence working together to develop a Concept Design, Project Plan and to identify funding sources


May 2019

Community Consultation on Concept Design

  • Community Working Group representatives and the Shire engaged the community by means of public, group and school based workshops and online/hard copy surveys.
  • The Concept Design was updated while taking into consideration the community's feedback

Consultation Summary for Concept Draft Design

Concept Design


July 2019

Technical Working Group Formed

  • Following the completion of the Concept Design a Technical Working Group was formed (Community Group reps and 2 Councilors) to progress the Design Specifications for the project. 
  • Both the Community Working Group and the Shire worked with funding bodies to apply for eligible grant funding and the
  • Community Working Group set a goal to raise $50,000 cash through fund raising and sponsorships.

Design Specifications


November 2020

Funding Secured and Tender Awarded

  • All funding agreements were signed and the Community Working Group reached their financial goal. 
  • The tender was advertised and awarded

Artist Impressions


January 2021

Project Construction Commences


May 2021

Construction Completion (aiming for 1st May)

  • Reporting and Assessments complete
  • Planning of Official Launch event


9 October 2021

Official Launch Event (proposed to coincide with the 150th Anniversary event for the Gingin town site)

 Coming soon!

Further Information

T: (08) 9575 5139

Councillor Representatives

Cr James Morton
Cr Kim Rule

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