Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities



Upper Coastal Sub-region inclusive of Lancelin, Ledge Point, Ocean Farm and Seaview Park. 


In 2016 a Visionary Master Plan was developed for the Lancelin Sporting Complex which resulted in a $60 million project, as based on desirables and did not factor in parameters such as budget, rationale, population numbers, accessibility to other similar facilities nearby, etc. The Lancelin Community and Sporting Association recognised that this Master Plan was not realistic and provided feedback to Council on what they thought was important within the design. Further contact resulted in the initiation of the Working group.

The Shire, having a small rate base, various towns and communities and a significant number of assets/infrastructure to oversee, recognised the need to develop a Master Plan for the Upper Coastal Sub-region (supported by the Working Group) as facilities would evidently be utilised by those residing in or visiting this Sub-Region of the Shire of Gingin. Furthermore, there also needed to be clear parameters around the scope to avoid a "visionary" Master Plan, to achieve the below objectives and to support feasibility and  evidence based/rationalised decision making.

Project Objectives

For the Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Master Plan project the Working Group determined that the project needs to be:

  • An attractive, appealing and a modern facility suitable for all ages (communities and visitors);
  • A vibrant community hub that engages both the sporting and non-sporting community;
  • A set of facilities that can grow with the community;
  • A multi-purpose facility that accommodates a range of sports and also connects clubs;
  • A facility that brings Upper Coastal communities together with fair and equitable outcomes for all;
  • A financially viable facility that improves on the existing facilities (retaining what is working and looking to replace what isn’t); and 
  • A facility with explored income opportunities incorporated into the design.


The following is a brief overview of the key Milestones to date and links to associated public information.




November 2018

Formation of Working Group

Representatives sought from the Lancelin Community and Sporting Association, Ledge Point Country Club, Ocean Farm Community Association and Council to form a Working Group


January 2019

Inaugural Meeting of Working Group

Meeting Report 1 – Goals and Considerations


February 2019

Second Meeting of Working Group

Meeting Report 2  CEO Presentation (sustainability, collaboration and financial considerations), project overview and Club mapping requirements


March 2019

Public Presentation, Lancelin Sporting Complex

Public Presentation Report  Project Overview and Q & A Session


June 2019

Third Working Group Meeting

Meeting Report 3  Project Brief Draft, Tender Planning and Facility Management


August 2019

Proposals/Quotes Sought and Contract Awarded

Consultant undertakes research


November 2019

Fourth Working Group Meeting

Meeting Report 4  Project update and election of new Presiding Member

Community Engagement Commences


February/March 2020

Community Engagement continues...

Research Findings
Research data collation and analysis for draft Master Plan

Meeting with Funders
Working Group representatives met with potential funding bodies (of CSRFF and Building Better Regions) to discuss funding criteria, funding application requirements, etc.


June 2020

Consultant Presentations

  • Presentation to Working Group and Council to provide an overview of findings and first draft of Master Plan and Report
  • Working Group provided feedback to Council on first draft and findings.

Council direction sought

  • Various potential and varied options provided for Council to consider with regards to where to from here and associated resourcing to undertake each
  • Draft Master Plan and Report (includes engagement outcomes)


August 2020 

Council Agenda Item

  • Purpose to receive first draft of Master Plan and recommendation to undertake further consultation with Clubs on first draft of Master Plan taking into consideration rationalisation
  • Club feedback resulted in a minor amendment to the resolution
  • Council Resolution (refer page 82)
  • Ledge Point Country Cub and Lancelin Community and Sporting Association and Complex contacted to inform of next stages.


November 2020 to Current

Working Group - Review & Provision of Feedback re. Draft 1 of Master Plan

Working Group to hold meetings to acquire Club feedback and review of all information to provide recommendations to Clubs and Council. 


Further Information

T: (08) 9575 5139
E: Jodie.Mortadza@gingin.wa.gov.au

Councillor Representatives

Cr. Frank Pezcka
Cr Jan Court
Cr Jaqui Lobb