Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities

The Shire of Gingin, together with a Community Working Group which includes representative members of Upper Coastal Sporting Clubs, are overseeing the development of a Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Master Plan. The Master Plan will consider existing infrastructure, financial sustainability, past research, needs analysis and community priorities for the Upper Coastal sub-region.

This project has come about following the undertaking of a Master Plan for the Lancelin Sporting Complex in 2016. The Lancelin Sporting Facilities Working Group was established and at their first meeting (22 January 2019) they became the Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Working Group.  

Notes from initial meetings held (highlighted in blue), presentation reports and community engagement meetings (highlighted in red) can be found as follows: 

22 January 2019 - Working Group Meeting Report

12 February 2019 - Working Group Meeting Report

27 March 2019 - Notes for Working Group Public Meeting

25 June 2019 - Working Group Meeting Report

12 November 2019 - Working Group Meeting Report

30 November 2019 - Presentation for "Challenges & Possibilities" Workshop (Public Meeting)

30 November 2019 - Statistics & facts Report for "Challenges & Possibilities" Public Meeting

19 February 2020 - Presentation for "Scenarios" Workshop (Public Meeting)

19 February 2020 - Potential Scenarios from "Scenarios" Workshop (Public Meeting) 

Upper Coastal Region Sporting Facilities Master Plan

At it's meeting on Tuesday, 18 August 2020, Council received the draft copy of the Sporting Facilities Master Plan for the Upper Coastal Region. This draft will be reviewed and undergo consultation by Council in conjunction with the Working Group who will liaise with the relevant sporting groups in the region in order to finalise the draft. Once finalised, the plan will be presented to Council for formal adoption. 

DRAFT - Upper Coastal Region Sporting Facilities Master Plan

Further Information

The Master Plan will be a useful tool for Council which will inform them going forwards on the development of sport and it's associated facilities in the Upper Coastal Region. If community members desire to discuss or obtain further information about this project then please direct your enquiries to the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 or via mail@gingin.wa.gov.au.

The Shire is always happy to discuss any project with the community and is keen to ensure that the development of this plan and what it means remains open and transparent for community members in the Upper Coastal Region. 

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