Event Information

Holding Events in the Shire of Gingin

The Shire welcomes hosting events within the Shire, and can cater to all kinds of event types.  By listing pertinent details of the proposed event on the Event Application Form, we can assist with your event preparations and talk you through the process of holding an event.

Do I need to submit an event or filming/photography application?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you will need to submit an event application.

  • Is the location on a public reserve, park or beach?
  • Will food be sold or a donation for food/entry charged?
  • Will alcohol be sold, provided or BYO allowed?
  • Will any marquees be erected?
  • Will there be any loud noise after 7:00pm (eg: music)?
  • Will over 200 people be attending?

If you are unsure whether you need to submit an application please call our Events Team on 9575 5138 or email us at events@gingin.wa.gov.au.

Online Applications and Events Calendar

Online Event Application Form

Online Filming or Photography in a Public Place Application Form

Events Calendar

Please note that an Event Application should be made at least 10 weeks prior to the proposed event, and at least three weeks for filming/photography.

Approval for your event, along with any requirements, including fees and bond payments if applicable will be outlined in the approval notification.

Event Package

An events package is also available which includes information on:

  • food and drink stalls
  • toilet facilities
  • security
  • rubbish
  • noise
  • signage
  • evacuation plans
  • electricity
  • risk management
  • traffic management
  • parking requirements
  • water events

Liquor Licence / Gaming Licence

Do you require a Gaming Licence for a Bingo night?  Do you require a Liquor Licence for a Sporting Wind-Up?  These questions are answered on the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor website.

Events Trailer

The Shire has a small Events Trailer that can be used to assist with event preparation and set-up. 

The trailer contains bollard and bases, various lengths of flagging, various signs, star pickets with plastic caps, a gimpy hammer, among other things.

If you would like to use the Events Trailer for your event please specify yes or no in the Event Application Form

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