Local Government Elections

Ordinary local government elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October.

The 2021 election for the Shire of Gingin will be conducted as a postal election with a Returning Officer appointed by the WA Electoral Commission.

Four positions will be contested at this election. Current Councillors whose terms will end on 16 October 2021 are:

  • Councillor Frank Johnson
  • Councillor Jacqui Lobb
  • Councillor James Morton
  • Councillor Kim Rule (Deputy Shire President)

Are You Eligible to Vote?

If you live in or own rateable property in the Shire of Gingin and meet the relevant eligibility criteria then you are entitled to vote at Council elections.  However, in order to do so you must be enrolled either on the State Electoral Roll for an address within the Shire, or on the Shire’s Owners and Occupiers Roll.

If you are enrolled on the State electoral roll and you are listed as living at an address within the Shire of Gingin then you will be automatically included on the local government electoral roll for this Shire.

However, if you are an owner or occupier of property within the Shire of Gingin but are enrolled on the State roll at an address outside the Shire, or are not currently listed on any electoral roll but meet the eligibility criteria, then you must apply for inclusion on the Shire’s Owners and Occupiers Roll.

You can check your enrolment details by visiting the WA Electoral Commission’s website.

Please contact the Shire’s Rates Department on (08) 9575 5100 or by emailing rates@gingin.wa.gov.au for further advice on applying for registration as an Owner or Occupier.

Nominating as a Candidate

Anyone enrolled as a resident or as a non-resident owner or occupier (apart from the nominee of a body corporate) of rateable property within the Shire of Gingin is eligible to nominate as a candidate for the 2021 Shire of Gingin local government elections.

Under the Local Government Act 1995 candidates can submit their nominations to the Returning Officer during a seven day window commencing 44 days prior to Election Day.  The exact dates during which nominations can be submitted in 2021 are yet to be confirmed by the WA Electoral Commission but will be publicised once this information is available.

Candidate Information Forums

Provided that sufficient interest is received from potential candidates, Candidate Information Sessions will be held in Gingin and Lancelin in late August. 

Dates and times are yet to be determined but will be publicly advertised when they are available.

Contacting the Returning Officer

The WA Electoral Commission is yet to appoint a Returning Officer for the 2021 Shire of Gingin local government elections. Contact details will be posted on the Shire of Gingin website when they become available.

Further Information

Electors and potential candidates can obtain further information with respect to the local government election process from the following links:

Western Australian Electoral Commission

Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Shire of Gingin Offices


7 Brockman Street
Gingin WA 6503

T: (08) 9575 5100

F: (08) 9575 2121

E: mail@gingin.wa.gov.au


255 Vins Way
Lancelin WA 6044

T: (08) 9575 5155

F: (08) 9575 2121

E: mail@gingin.wa.gov.au

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