The Shire of Gingin’s 10-year Strategic Community Plan 2019 - 2029 (SCP) is a requirement of all local governments in WA under the Local Government Act 1995. It forms part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPR) which aims to improve the ability of all local governments to plan for the future needs of their communities and to deliver sustainable services as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The IPR also includes a suite of three other documents which break down the plan further into four (4) and one (1) years respectively. These documents are the Corporate Business Plan (4 years - available for viewing here), the Annual Budget (1 year - available for viewing here) and the Annual Report (1 year progress report - available for viewing here)

The SCP plans a decade into the future and it is only made possible thanks to input from our community which forms the backbone of the document. The SCP will undergo a minor review every two (2) years and a major review every four (4) years. The major review will incorporate new engagement sessions with the community to obtain feedback on how the community feels about the current direction of the Shire, what if feels could be improved and what opportunities it would like to pursue for the next ten (10) years. A minor review has been carried out in 2019 and a major review will take place in 2021.  

The IPR suite has many 'Informing Strategies' also known as informing documents which include (for example) the Shire's Long-Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan and Workforce Plan.

You can download the Strategic Community Plan below:

Strategic Community Plan 2019-2029


Informing Document 

In order to ensure that the Shire is on track with the facilities and services it provides to the community as part of progressing the SCP, the Shire conducts a public survey biennially. Past surveys (commencing from 2016) can be viewed via the following link: 

Community Perception Survey

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