Ordinary Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th September 2022
(Multiple Dates Between Tuesday 20th September 2022 & Tuesday 20th December 2022)

Of all the meetings the Shire's Councillors attend, Ordinary Council Meetings are arguably the most important. Meeting procedures are based on a majority rules, Westminster style system developed over hundreds of years by parliaments around the world to provide for debate and decision making without conflict. Decisions of a council can only be made by the adoption of a motion by a majority of the members present at a properly convened meeting. The rules allow for only one person to speak at a time.

When the Shire's Councillors meet, they will make decisions on behalf of the community they represent. When making these decisions, Council's intention is to always act within the best interests of the community. Shire staff provide technical advice and support to Council when making their decisions but ultimately, the choice lies with Council as to what decisions they will make.

Ordinary Council Meetings are formal meetings of the elected Council members and are required to be open to the public (although under certain conditions Council Meetings can be closed under provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 [the Act]). Annually a Council is required under the Act to hold Ordinary Meetings and it may hold Special Meetings if required.

The Agenda for the Shire's Ordinary Council Meeting will be made available to view on the Shire's website generally on the Friday 3 days prior to the Council Meeting. 

Members of the Public are welcome to attend Council Meetings. If you wish to make a Deputation, please register to do so by contacting the Shire's Coordinator Governance on (08) 9575 5130. Deputations take place prior to the Council Meeting on that day for anyone wishing to make a Deputation to Council.

More information about Council Meetings is available on the Shire's website including:

  • How to submit a Deputation to Council
  • How to submit a Question to Council
  • How to submit a Petition to Council
  • Copies of past Minutes and any upcoming Agendas


Event Details

Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Venue: Council Chambers - Shire of Gingin Administration Centre, 7 Brockman St, Gingin

Cost: No cost


Contact: Lee-Anne Burt

Organisation: Shire of Gingin

Position: Coordinator Governance

Phone: (08) 9575 5130

Email: Lee-Anne.Burt@gingin.wa.gov.au

Event Date(s)

  • Tuesday 20th September 2022
  • Tuesday 18th October 2022
  • Tuesday 15th November 2022
  • Tuesday 20th December 2022

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