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Online Form - Fire Permit

The Shire of Gingin is trialing the provision of Fire Permits electronically. A Fire Permit application as per below is for large scale burns such as:

  • Stubble Burn
  • Bush Mitigation Burn
  • Bon fires
  • Any other type of fire larger than 2 cubic metres (2m x 2m x 2m)

This type of Fire Permit needs to be reviewed and approved by a Shire of Gingin Fire Control Officer. Please complete an Automatic Fire Permit instead for the following types of burning purposes:

  • BBQs
  • Fire pits
  • Burning of garden refuse
  • Any other fires not larger than 2 cubic metres (2m x 2m x 2m) 

Permit Conditions

It is a condition of applying for this permit that the following be undertaken/observed prior to lighting: 

  • Notify the DFES Communications Centre of your planned burn 24 hours prior by calling (08) 9395 9209
  • Notify all your neighbours with a common boundary of your planned burn. 
  • This permit is not valid on Sundays or public holidays or on days where the forecast Fire Danger Rating (FDR) is going to be VERY HIGH, SEVERE, EXTREME or CATASTROPHIC or when a TOTAL FIRE BAN or HARVEST, HOT WORKS & VEHICLE MOVEMENT BAN has been declared. 
  • At least 3 people must be in attendance for the duration of the burn until extinguished. 
  • Once a Fire Control Officer receives your permit application, your permit is not valid until you have been contacted by the Officer to provide confirmation that your application has been approved and a permit number provided to you. It should be noted that you should allow at least 24 hours for your permit to be approved.

Conditions of Fire Permit

Additional Conditions

As part of issuing your permit, the Fire Control Officer may also ask you to undertake the following actions as a condition of being granted your permit:

  • Notify the Parks & Wildlife Service on (08) 9303 7700 if your planned burn is going to be within 3km of any Parks & Wildlife managed land. 
  • Grass stubble burn for crop preparation only. No timber is to be burnt. 
  • Provision of a hose (running water that reaches the burn area). 
  • Provision of a fire appliance (600 litre slip-on, 2400 litre or larger).
  • More than 3 x personnel in attendance at the planned burn. 
  • A fire break of a set number of metres completely surrounding the area to be burnt. 
  • No burning unless the wind strength is less than 15km/hr. 
  • Wind direction (if applicable)
  • Not to be lit before or after certain times on any set day.
  • Any other conditions as direction by the Fire Control Officer. 

Additional Notes

  • Your permit is not valid during a declared Prohibited Burning Period (typically 22 November to 28/29 February annually in the Shire of Gingin) and is issued subject to the provisions of Section 46 of the Bush Fires Act 1954. It may be revoked or suspended by a Bush Fire Control Officer if, in their opinion, the fire (if lit) would become a source of danger. 
  • A Bush Fire Control Officer is not compelled to inspect an area to be burnt before issuing a permit to burn. The onus lies on the permit holder not only to comply with the provisions of the Bush Fire Act 1954 but also to ensure there is no danger of the fire escaping. The issue of this permit in no way affects that responsibility. 
  • This permit to burn does not allow you to breach the requirements of other legislation such as the Health Act 1911 or the Environmental Protection Act 1986. It is an offence to cause a smoke nuisance to persons or to cause pollution with excessive smoke. It is also an offence to burn tyres, plastics, chemicals or similar material which would cause thick or toxic smoke.  
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