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Online Form - Gingin 150th - Historical Photographs & Stories

For Gingin’s Sesquicentenary event we’re planning to have lots of wonderful Historical Displays which will be located in Granville Civic Centre. In order to facilitate these displays, we are looking for photographs, stories and historical items from Gingin's past.

Gingin’s history is long and rich so if you can assist us in providing your memories to help us capture the memory of Gingin as a whole, then we'd very much appreciate it! 

Please ensure to scan and upload photographs in decent resolution. Photographs should be 500 KB up to 10 MB at most. If your photograph (or other historical item) is large and/or framed, please contact us directly on (08) 9575 5162 if you are willing to loan it for the historical display. 

However if this is difficult for you to scan you items then please feel free to bring them to either the Shire of Gingin Administration Centre (7 Brockman St, Gingin) or the Gingin CRC (1A Lily King Place, Gingin) and we will scan your photos/stories for you. 

*You have been asked to provide your contact details below so that if we have any questions about the photographs/information you have uploaded, then we have a way to contact you. 

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Shire of Gingin Offices


7 Brockman Street
Gingin WA 6503

T: (08) 9575 5100

F: (08) 9575 2121

E: mail@gingin.wa.gov.au


255 Vins Way
Lancelin WA 6044

T: (08) 9575 5155

F: (08) 9575 2121

E: mail@gingin.wa.gov.au

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