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Online Form - Public Question Time - Council Meetings

A minimum of 15 minutes is set aside for public questions at each Council meeting. If there are not sufficient questions to fill the allocated time, the Presiding Member will move on to the next item. If there are more questions than can be dealt with in the 15 minutes allotted, then the Council may resolve to extend Public Question Time.

Questions Submitted in Writing

  • In accordance with the Shire’s Meeting Procedures Local Law, questions received in writing prior to the meeting will be given priority over verbal questions during Public Question Time.
  • Written questions should be submitted by 3pm on the day prior to the Council meeting to ensure that a comprehensive response can be provided at the meeting. Any questions received after this point will be responded to at the meeting if possible, but may be taken on notice by the Presiding Member with a response being provided in writing after the meeting.
  •  Written questions can be submitted using the online form below. Please note that background information is provided to give context to your question(s) and to assist in the formulation of an appropriate response (additional documentation can be attached to the online form). Background information will not be included in the Minutes of the meeting.

Public Question Time Protocols

  1. Unless Council has specifically resolved to allow it, recording of the meeting by any electronic, visual or audio recording device or instrument is not permitted. All members of the public present are requested to turn off their mobile phones or any other devices before the commencement of the meeting.
  2. During an Ordinary Meeting questions may be asked in relation to any matter affecting the Shire.
  3. During a Special Meeting questions must relate to the purpose for which that meeting has been called.
  4. A member of the public who wishes to ask a question during Public Question Time must:
  • first state his or her name and address;
  • direct the question to the Presiding Member;
  • ask the question briefly and concisely;
  • limit any preamble to matters directly relevant to the question; and
  • ensure that the question is not accompanied by any expression of opinion, statement of fact or other comment, except when necessary to explain the question.
  1. Members of the public cannot ask questions, make comments or otherwise participate in proceedings outside of Public Question Time.
  1. To ensure that all members of the public wishing to ask a question have the opportunity to do so, each individual may ask up to three questions before other members of the public will be invited to ask their questions.
  1. Once all members of the public have had an opportunity to put their questions to Council, and if there is sufficient time remaining, then the Presiding Member may allow those with further questions to speak again.
  1. Answers to questions are provided in good faith. However, unless questions are submitted in writing to the Chief Executive Officer no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting, it must be accepted that the answer provided may not be comprehensive.
  1. If a question cannot be answered during Public Question Time it may be taken on notice by the Presiding Member, in which case a written response will be provided within 10 working days following the meeting. Responses to public questions taken on notice will also be included in the Agenda and Minutes of the next Ordinary Council Meeting.
I have read and understood the 'Protocols of Public Question Time' section below this form and agree to abide by these protocols.

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