Gingin Gem Floral Motif

Gingin Gem 'Grevillea Obtusifolia'

Here in the Shire of Gingin we are spoiled with a beautiful variety of native flora - however, there is one striking flower particularly emblematic for our region and whose image has been selected as a floral motif for the Shire.

A popular, hardy, evergreen Australian native shrub, the Gingin Gem (Grevillea obtusifolia) is a spreading, small shrub with vibrant lime foliage and red flowers which attract honey bees and small nectar feeding birds. It makes an ideal groundcover for embankments and rockeries, and brings bright splashes of colour to the garden from late autumn through winter and spring. It is drought tolerant once established and is listed as a 'water-wise plant' in the Water Corporation's Waterwise Plants for WA DirectoryThis plant loves a sunny spot, and works to suppress weeds and prevent soil erosion.

Not only endemic to our region and bearing our name, the unique petal formations appear almost 'ocean-wave-like' making the Gingin Gem an appropriate floral choice for linking our country to our coast.  

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