2021/22 Fire Control Officer Contact Updates

Published on Thursday, 16 September 2021 at 9:31:00 AM

Please be advised that there is a couple of amendments for the Fire Control Officer contact list (refer page 23) in this year’s Fire Break Orders.

  • Jon Pallette should be listed as servicing the Guilderton, Redfield Park and Seabird areas. Not Seaview Park as listed.
  • Russell Kernahan IS NOT an FCO this year. Please do not contact him for any Seabird permits but rather, please contact Jon Pallette on 0467 588 143.
  • Gary Robinson is listed as servicing the Woordridge area but he should also be listed as servicing the Guilderton and Sovereign Hill areas too.
  • Colin Gofton should be listed as servicing the Woodridge area and he can be contacted on 0404 113 557.

These typos have been corrected in the copy of the Fire Break Orders as can be viewed on and downloaded from our website. When the Gingin & Lancelin CRCs Regional Directories are printed later this year they will also include the updated and correct version for FCO contacts.

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