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Published: Friday, 4 October 2019 at 3:14:00 PM

The Shire of Gingin is developing a community based public health plan. To make sure we include issues of importance, the Shire has started consulting about the type of challenges faced and strategies needed to provide a healthy and happy lifestyle and environment for community members. The objective of a Public Health Plan is to maximise community health and wellbeing and the Shire needs your input for this happen.
The Shire has developed a short survey with 7 questions to answer. The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete. Alternatively hard copies of the survey can be completed. These are available at the Shire's Administration Centre and the Lancelin Office.
“All local governments must develop a Public Health Plan that accurately reflects their individual community circumstances," Shire CEO, Aaron Cook, advises. "Gingin has some challenges already identified by the local health data including a higher prevalence of obesity and lower levels of physical activity. The distance and access to services is another issue. In our community we have good social capital and an abundance of public open space. So how do we encourage us all to lead a more active lifestyle? These are the types of issues we would like the Plan to address.”
The questions in the survey are designed to seek out what would encourage you to make healthier choices. The responses given will provide information on service demand for health service providers and the Shire. Please take the time to provide your input to make sure the right areas are giving priority in the years ahead.
The survey is now live and closes on the 19th October.
Click here to complete the survey. 

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