Continuing mitigation burns in Lancelin

Published on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 at 1:33:00 PM

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in collaboration with the Shire of Gingin are continuing with mitigation works being carried out south of the Lancelin townsite to reduce bush fire risk adjoining the town and subsequent fire impacts to the community.

To date, DFES has engaged an accredited environmental contractor to carry out a targeted weed management program from Walker Avenue around to the rear of the Angling Club. This work is critical in the plan going forward to reduce bush fire risk to the community with the added complexity of the Threatened Ecological Community (TEC), one of the last remaining Coastal Sedgelands in WA, as detailed previously in the Coastal Courier. This work is ecologically sensitive and will continue at various stages throughout the year to target specific weeds during their growth cycles and therefore reduce the fine fuels that contribute to extreme fire behavior as seen last year in Lancelin.

Following the wildfire last year which threatened the Lancelin community there has been a significant amount of mitigation carried out to further reduce the bushfire risk to the community. Further to this, it has provided DFES and Local Government an opportunity to develop a plan for the management of this area going forward. The mitigation works that have been carried out also have additional benefits with the mulch layer providing added weed suppression as well as minimising any sand-drift concerns.

Fencing works have also commenced in this area which follows the boundary of the crown land, this is to minimise/restrict access by 4WD’s and motorbikes which will aid in retaining the environmental values of this area and minimising fire ignition sources. Gates will be installed to ensure access during an emergency and pedestrian access will also be provided for the community to continue to enjoy the area. This area will be re-vegetated and provide for an aesthetic appearance on the approach into town as well as creating and maintaining separation distance in the event of another bush fire.


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