Lancelin Revegetation Project

Published on Thursday, 2 April 2020 at 10:00:00 AM

Following the fire in Lancelin last year a significant amount of dead vegetation remains that will provide additional fuel in the event of a potential future fire, promote weed growth and detract from the general aesthetics as you approach the town site via Lancelin Rd and drive along Casserly Way.

In response DFES, supported by the Shire, are undertaking a project to alter the structure of the dead fuel to limit its impact in future fires, manage weed growth and support the re-growth of the natural vegetation found in the area.

Community members may have noticed some of this work is already underway with machinery mulching dead fuel between the fire break that links the information bay to the back beach car park and Casserly Way. Dead fuel is also being mulched along Lancelin Road up to 50m in from the road.

Mulching the dead vegetation has been adopted as a treatment strategy as it will reduce the potential for wind erosion, reduce the impact the dead fuel would have in the event of potential future fires and it also provides a natural barrier to help inhibit weed growth. Selective spraying (which will not present a health hazard to residents in the area) will also be used over the coming months to help manage weed growth.

Whilst the land in these areas will look bare during the early phase of this work, it is necessary in order restore the area to its natural look before the fire.

Natural Areas, a Perth based company with proven track record in this area, has been appointed to undertake this work. Their involvement is funded through the DFES Mitigation Activity Fund.

Any questions regarding this work may be directed to Phil Barrett (Community Emergency Services Manager - 0408 943 576) or David Wilson (Bushfire Risk Management Coordinator - 0412 716 577).

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