Land Lists 904 & 55 Identified for Transfer to SW Native Title Settlement

Published on Friday, 18 November 2022 at 3:38:00 PM

The State of Western Australia has committed to allocating up to 320,000 hectares of Crown land to the Noongar People to create the Noongar Land Estate, in accordance with the six registered Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA) for the Settlement. The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is responsible for undertaking an identification and assessment process for land parcels within the boundaries of the Settlement. This process includes referring land to relevant agencies like the Shire of Gingin for comment.

Land to be transferred to the Noongar Land Estate (NLE) includes Unallocated Crown Land (UCL), unmanaged reserves and Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT) properties. The land will be held and managed for a broad range of purposes across the entire Southwest Land Division. The size, location and cultural value of the land will inform future land use. Large areas of bushland will likely be managed for conservation of Aboriginal heritage and environmental values, caring for country, cultural tourism, and cultural activities. The Noongar Regional Corporations will coordinate management of these properties.

Smaller areas of land and those properties that are located within townsites may be utilised for economic development, housing, enterprise, wellbeing programs, aged care or similar to meet the strategic aspirations of the Noongar population in that area. A small portion of the Noongar Land Estate will be purely for development purposes and will generate an income. Regardless of tenure, the Trustee and Noongar Boodja Land Subsidiary will comply with the existing statutory framework for each land parcel across the entire Noongar Land Estate.

The Shire has been advised that land parcels, referred to as Land Lists 904 and 55 located in Boonanarring, Breton Bay, Cowalla, Cullalla, Lancelin, Ledge Point, Mimegarra, Orange Springs, Wilbinga, and Yeal have been identified for transfer.

Council does not support the transferral of lots that have been identified to the Noongar People under the South West Native Title Settlement due to the lack of information provided, particularly in relation to the future use and the management of the identified land parcels. Furthermore, support is also not given due to an inadequate timeframe for community consultation.

Council has subsequently tasked the West Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) to lobby the State Government to change the current consultation method provided to local governments.

Maps outlining the land parcels can be viewed below:

Land List 904 - Lancelin

Land List 55 - Combined Parcels

Land List 55 - Boonanarring

Land List 55 - Breton Bay

Land List 55 - Cullalla/Orange Springs/Mimegarra

Land List 55 - Lancelin

Land List 55 - Ledge Point

Land List 55 - Wilbinga

Land List 55 - Yeal

For more information on the South West Native Title Settlement please go to the following link

If you wish to make a submission or require any additional information, please contact the DPLH by telephone on 08 6552 5333 or email at

The consultation period for Land List 904 closes 12 December 2022.

The consultation period for Land List 55 closes 14 December 2022.


Aaron Cook

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