New Signage for Lancelin Off-road Vehicle Area

Published on Friday, 6 November 2020 at 4:09:12 PM

If you’ve visited the Lancelin Off-road Vehicle Area over the past couple of days then you may have noticed some activity in the area.

The Shire has busily been installing brand new signage throughout the Off-road Vehicle Area as part of safety upgrades. The area is very popular with 4 wheel drive enthusiasts and many tourists who visit Lancelin or are passing through the area.

The new signage will better clarify how to use the area safely with the designated sandboarding area and 4 wheel drive area more clearly defined. Unfortunately the area has seen accidents and in the past, even deaths. The signage includes safety instructions and speed limits so it is Council’s hope that drivers and pedestrians will be able to use the area more safely and therefore, reduce or potentially even stop accidents from occurring in the off-road vehicle area. Additionally, the signage has been designed to be informative for visitors and to also brighten up the area.

The entranceway to the sand dunes is also undergoing improvements with pegs going in earlier in the week. It will be widened and smoothed out with a second smaller access created for pedestrians who wish to walk into the area on foot.

The Shire hopes both residents and visitors to the area will enjoy these new upgrades.

Further enquiries may be directed to the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 /

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