Proposed Change for Council Meeting Procedures

Published on Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 2:29:55 PM

The Shire of Gingin has published a public notice (as required under the Local Government Act 1995) to amend its meeting procedures.

The proposed change is to remove Deputations/Presentations from the Order of Business for Council meetings. Instead, Deputations and Presentations will take place prior to the start of the Council Meeting. The reason for this proposed change is primarily to allow Council meetings to proceed more promptly to the actual business of the meeting, which will benefit members of the public attending the meeting with an interest in a specific item. 

The only change proposed to Deputations and Presentations is the timing. Members of the public will still be able to book a Deputation to address Council on any matter of concern or to attend and listen to Deputations if they wish to. All other arrangements will remain the same.

The proposed change is an amendment to the Shire’s Meeting Procedures Local Law. The Local Government Act 1995 requires that any amendment to a local law must first be advertised for public submissions before a final decision is made and this is the process that is currently underway.

If community members wish to comment on this change then they can make a public submission to the Shire by 4.00pm on Monday, 25 January 2021. Hard copy submissions may be posted or hand delivered and should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Gingin, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin WA 6503. Submissions may also be emailed to The proposal will then go back to Council at its February 2021 meeting, at which time Council must consider all submissions received and make a final decision as to whether it wishes to amend the local law or not.

A copy of the public notice, the original law and the amended law can be viewed in full on the Shire's website - click here

All enquiries should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer via email to

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