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Published on Friday, 31 January 2020 at 11:05:53 AM

Thank you to all of the community members for their comments regarding the Shire’s post on Wednesday, 29 January announcing that we’ve received some funding ($270,685) for mitigation works (www.facebook.com/ShireOfGingin/posts/2552930414836003). It is clear that there are some concerns so the Shire of Gingin would like to take the opportunity to clarify the following:

Funding Received & Future Funding

Of the total portion of funding available for this round, the Shire of Gingin was fortunate to receive a significant amount. It is one of only a small number of Shires to receive funding under the DFES Mitigation Activity Fund (MAF). The Shire is grateful to have received the amount that it has been allocated when other Shires have yet to receive funding at this point in time.
Additionally, as one of a small number of Shires throughout the state that have Bush Fire Risk Management Plan endorsed by the Office of Bushfire Risk Management, the Shire of Gingin was successful in securing the allocation of a funded Bush Fire Risk Planning Coordinator position over 3 years.
Funding received to date from the DFES Mitigation Activity Funding (MAF) has enabled the Shire to address the areas in our region which were identified as areas of significant fire risk in our Bushfire Risk Management Plan.
This does not negate the importance of other risk areas which have been identified within our Bushfire Risk Management Plan. As previously stated, the Shire is actively seeking additional MAF funding to undertake work across the broader Shire. We look forward to making more announcements of the outcome of our applications in due course.

Crown Land

With respect to Crown land which is not under the management of the Shire (and thus under the management of other government areas such as the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions [DBCA]), the Shire is working closely with the Parks and Wildlife Division of DBCA to collaborate on mitigation activities that will benefit the broader Shire of Gingin community. As part of this ongoing collaboration, Parks and Wildlife have actively been engaging with the Shire to identify mitigation activities in 2020. Additionally, they have also planned to undertake (independently or in collaboration with the Shire) any mitigation activities which the Shire is engaged in.This work is progressing well and we look forward to further opportunities to collaborate with DBCA and other key stakeholders such as Main Roads WA and Western Power, etc.

Why was Lancelin, Seaview Park, Ocean Farm & Gingin chosen to receive the Mitigation Works first? 

The four areas chosen at this point in time to receive the funding have been chosen because they were identified under the Shire’s Bushfire Risk Management Plan as part of those areas identified at the highest risk. Planning to undertake work in other identified high-risk areas is well underway with the view to extending our mitigation activities into these areas as soon as we are in a position to do so.


Prior to the Yanchep bush fire discussions were already underway with key stakeholders to identify potential mitigation activities. This work continues and will form part of the Shire’s next submission for MAF funding.
The Shire appreciates that locals are concerned about road verges however these areas do not require attention. They are thin strips of bushland and cannot generate significant heat in the event of a fire. The Shire asks that first and foremost, community members in Woodridge look first to their own properties. What can you do to reduce your risk?


Seabird is not allocated to receive any mitigation works at this point in time. Mitigation burning was recently carried out in June 2019 in the areas that the Shire manages around the town site. As part of our Bushfire Risk Management Plan we will continues to engage with other government departments such as the DBCA, Main Roads WA, Wester Power, etc. to identify and mitigate risk in the area.

Other Areas

Sovereign Hill, Gabbadah, Guilderton and other areas around the Shire are currently being assessed as part of identifying mitigation activity priorities against identified risk levels. As part of the collaboration with DBCA, mitigation activities are scheduled to occur on the northern boundary of Guilderton during 2020 and additional work in these areas will be scheduled subject to identified risk, availability of funding and resources.

Going Forwards

The Shire is committed to undertaking the recommended mitigation activities identified within our Bushfire Risk Management Plan. Priorities will be based on risk levels identified within the plan and the ongoing assessments we are continually engaged in.
As much of this work as is possible (subject to the availability of funding, weather conditions, resources, etc.) will be initiated during 2020-21. In some instances/areas work will need to spread over 1-2 years as part of a phased approach necessary to complete the work in a safe and effective manner.
We remind all of our communities that we are ONE COMMUNITY and we aim to work together and support each other. This includes addressing those areas first that have been judged to have the highest need for mitigation works to be carried out.

Further Information

The Shire will be providing an update on the works undertaken in the near future for Lancelin, Seaview Park, Ocean Farm and the Gingin town site area.
If community members have any further queries we encourage you to contact Phil Barrett, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, for the Shire of Gingin. Mitigation is an ongoing conversation and the Shire aims to work with the community collectively to address it as the need arises. Please call 0408 943 576 if you have any concerns or questions you would like to discuss with Phil.

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