Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

Published on Tuesday, 6 October 2020 at 10:21:00 AM

The results of the Resident Satisfaction Survey are in for 2020 and can be viewed by clicking here.

Biannually the Shire undertakes this survey and invites the community to participate. This survey is the Shire’s third biennial survey with the previous surveys undertaken in 2018 and 2016.

The survey is designed to measure resident satisfaction in key performance areas and this study forms an important part of the Shire’s evaluation of the services it delivers, the facilities which it provides and the quality of life of its residents. Specifically, the study measures:

  • Perceptions of the overall performance of the Shire
  • Satisfaction with the Shire as a place to live
  • The customer service provided by the Shire
  • Satisfaction with:

- Waste collection and disposal services
- Services provided by the planning & development team
- Community facilities
- Community services
- Governance
- Environmental management
- Roads and path networks
- Effectiveness of communications (new this year)

This year's results include the following areas where participants were particularly satisfied or felt the Shire had improved and also areas where they felt the most dissatisfied or felt the Shire needs to make significant improvements. 

Satisfied Results/Areas of Improvement

  • Weekly rubbish collections – very satisfied + satisfied; results are similar to 2018 and 2016 although appears to be a shallow upward trend
  • Local Rubbish Tips - very satisfied + satisfied 91%; shows an upward trend since 2016 with a significant increase in 2020 compared to 2016
  • How the community is informed – very satisfied + satisfied 58.5% an upward trend and significant improvement compared to 2016
  • Maintenance of unsealed (gravel) roads – overall satisfaction with the maintenance of unsealed roads has increased significantly compared to 2016 and 2018
  • Roadside verges and streetscapes – very satisfied + satisfied 42.8% improvement on 2018 returning 2016 levels

Disatisfied Results/Areas to Improve

  • Building and Planning Permits – has declined significantly, almost halving since 2018
  • Enforcement of local laws by officers and rangers – very satisfied + satisfied 43% in 2020 which is a significant decline from 52.8% in 2018
  • Bushfire Prevention and Control – very satisfied + satisfied 57.6% in 2020 so this is a significant decline compared to 2016 and 2018
  • Decisions made in the best interest of the community – all results similar to 2018 and 2016
  • Conservation and environmental management – very satisfied + satisfied 40.9% so this is statistically a significant decline compared to 2016 and 2018
  • Management of coastal erosion and inundation – very satisfied + satisfied 32.7% so this is statistically a significant decline compared to 2016 and 2018

Thank you to those who participated. Your feedback is an invaluable tool to help Council improve the Shire's services. We received 695 surveys this year. The 5 x winners of the $100 cash prizes have been notified. 

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