Shire of Gingin LPS No. 9 - Amended and New Draft Local Planning Policies

Published on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 10:04:19 AM

Shire of Gingin Local Planning Scheme No. 9 - Amended and New Draft of Local Planning Policies

Planning Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 April 2022, Council adopted for public advertising the following local planning policies:

  • Amended Local Planning Policy 2.1 – Residential Outbuildings.
  • New draft Local Planning Policy 1.12 – Advertising Signs.

The amended Residential Outbuildings Policy is intended to provide a context and framework in which outbuilding use and development can take place without having adverse impacts on the streetscape, character, amenity, or environmental attributes of the surrounding area.

The new draft Advertising Signs Policy is intended to provide guidance on the display and erection of signs, to ensure that any signage relates to the uses, services, and products on the site whilst maintaining local amenity and public safety. 

The Shire of Gingin invites comments in relation to both local planning policies.

Documents setting out and explaining the policies can be viewed at links below:

 Alternatively, hard copies may be viewed at the Shire of Gingin Administration Centre, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin or the Lancelin Office, 255 Vins Way, Lancelin during office hours.

Submissions in relation to this proposal should be made in writing and directed to the Chief Executive Officer either by post to the Shire of Gingin, PO Box 510, Gingin 6503, or by email to

Comments should include the name and address of the person making the submission, details of the submission, and be lodged by 4.00pm on Tuesday 6 September 2022.


Aaron Cook 

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