Update - Granville Park Lily Pond

Published on Thursday, 12 November 2020 at 10:54:47 AM

In March 2020 the public were asked to make submissions to Council on whether or not the Granville Lily Park should be retained or removed.

At the close of advertising fourteen submissions were received. Eight submissions were in favour of the pond’s removal and six were opposed. Several of the submissions supporting retention of the Lily Pond were significant and in fact requested substantial works to upgrade the pond including removal of vegetation and replanting.

At Council’s May 2020 meeting it considered all the submissions, past history/community significance and ongoing costs. Council resolved to approve the removal of the existing lily pond including capping the existing piping in place. However further to this, they also agreed to “in the future” redevelop a safe, landscaped area to replace the existing lily pond.

Council understands that this outcome may not be supported by all of the community. However, Council feels that this is an exciting opportunity to redevelop the area (in coming budgets) to be a more safe, inviting and user-friendly environment. Council will welcome community feedback on the redevelopment of the area when it is advertised for public comment in future. It is expected that the lily pond will be removed in early 2021 taking into account events and commitments.

Further enquiries about this project may be sent to mail@gingin.wa.gov.au or community members are welcome to call the Shire on (08) 9575 5100.

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