Welcome Scavenger! 

Thank you for joining the Gingin & Lancelin Libraries’ Youth Week 2020 Photo Scavenger Hunt!

How to enter:

  • Download the Entry Form (link below)
  • Take a photo of each item described below with your mobile phone or iPad
  • Paste your photos into your Entry Form
  • Fill in your details below and upload your Entry Form by 4:30pm Monday, 27 April 2020
  • Go into the draw to win a $20 iTunes voucher!

Challenge 1 (worth 1 point each)

Find something that… 

  • is red
  • moves
  • has hair
  • is shiny
  • you love

Challenge 2 (worth 1 point each)

Take a picture of...

  • an animal 
  • a window
  • a mode of transport
  • the number 2
  • a book you like

Challenge 3 (worth 2 points each)

We love a good riddle scavengers. Can you figure out what we're talking about and take a photo of it?

  • One sheet, two sheets, three sheets or four… some use less and some use more
  • I cannot be burned in a fire nor drowned in water
  • The more I dry, the wetter I become
  • I smash scissors and paper covers me
  • I’m bigger than a flea, bigger than a bee, you can open a door with me

Challenge 4 (Bonus point - worth 1 point each!)

  • Full name included in entry
  • Age included in entry
  • All of the challenge 1 items in one photo only 
  • All of the challenge 2 items in one photo only
  • All of the challenge 3 items in one photo only

To Enter:

Click here to download the Entry Form

Once you have completed the Entry Form by pasting all of your photos into it you need to save it then fill in the following. Upload your Entry Form and then click 'Submit Form'. 


*Hint - if you are having trouble uploading your entry form with your photos and getting an error message that the document is too large then make sure to take your photos with your phone. Photos taken with a mobile device or an iPad tend to be much smaller and saving your entry form as a PDF document before you upload it will also compress your photos even more. Send us a message on the Shire of Gingin's Facebook though if you are still having problems.  

Happy Hunting Scavenger!

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