Registration of Holiday Let Accommodation

Every year the Shire of Gingin is asked by the Western Australian Tourism Commission to provide a list of registered holiday lets so these properties can be promoted by the Commission. However, in order for any premises to be registered as holiday let accommodation it is necessary to reclassify properties from a Class 1a to a Class 1b under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Requirements for Class 1b dwellings include installation of smoke detectors, lighting to assist evacuation, disabled access and electrical protection.

Once electrical work has been completed, electrical compliance certificates need to be sent to the Shire along with a Statutory Declaration stating that the premises now complies. For your convenience, examples of the required wording to be used on the Statutory Declarations and a blank Statutory Declaration are available below:

The requirement does not apply to properties built after the 27 September 2012 as planning permission would have been sought under the provisions of Town Planning Scheme No 9, and only applies to properties used as holiday let accommodation for commercial purposes and not properties used for family use as a weekend or holiday home.

For more information please see Holiday Let Accommodation Registration - FAQs.

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