Creating and maintaining an Asset Protection Zone (APZ) is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce your risk in a bush fire. 

An APZ is:

A zone created between the bush and your property which will reduce the risk of your house and.or assets being damaged or destroyed by direct flame or the intense heat that is given off during a fire. 

An APZ serves to:

Reduce the liklihood of hot embers (that can be carried by the wind during a bush fire) from igniting items that can burn on or around your home and/or assets. Additionally a well maintained APZ can provide a safer and more accessible area for you and/or firefighters to defend your property. 

Maintain your garden:

The guidelines set out in the following Fact Sheet have been set out by the WA State Government for property owners. They specify recommendations for the spacing and height of vegetation. Small variations in spacing and height will occur dependent upon the type of plants you have, your exposure to the wind and the slope of your property. Refer to the figures in the Fact Sheet for a visual guide.

Asset Protection Zone Fact Sheet

For further information on Asset Protection Zones please contact the Shire of Gingin on (08) 9575 5100. 

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