Food Safety

The Shire of Gingin's Environmental Health Officer is empowered to conduct a number of key food hygiene activities which include:

  • Food premises inspections;
  • Food sampling for bacterial and chemical analysis - both random and Health Department of Western Australia food monitoring programs;
  • Investigations of food complaints;
  • Investigations of food-borne illnesses - after receiving confirmed notifications from a doctor;
  • Food recalls after contamination or deterioration of food products;
  • Food labelling compliance;
  • Approving new premises to current health standards and legislation; and
  • Regulating and approving food stalls for one-off or temporary functions.

The Shire also provides food safety training online via the I'M ALERT Food Safety Training Program.


For more information on food safety within the Shire of Gingin please contact our Environmental Health Officer on (08) 9575 5100.

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