Strategic Community Plan - 2021 Major Review

How do you imagine our community’s future?


2021 is a busy year for the Shire’s Administration with the Strategic Community Plan (SCP) up for a major review mid-year. Additionally the Long Term Financial (LTFP), Asset Management (AMP) and Workforce Plans (WFP) also require reviewing this year. 

The SCP is a major component of the Shire of Gingin’s Integrated Planning & Reporting Suite (IPR Suite) together with the Corporate Business Plan (CBP) and Annual Budget. Under the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 each WA local government is required to have these documents and to review them regularly. This makes them ‘living’ documents.

The LTFP, AMP & WFP play a major role in the development of the SCP together with feedback from the community. In the coming weeks and months Council will seek feedback from the community for the SCP about what you feel our Shire’s long term objectives should be. What areas do we want to focus on and continue to grow into the future? Are our objectives realistic? It’s easy to set objectives but do they take into account Shire resources, staff time and how much money the Shire realistically has to spend? Or are our objectives an unrealistic wish list?

It’s important to get this process right in order to have plans for the future that DREAM BIG but are also REALISTIC.





December 2020 - March 2021

Planning of Engagement and Development of Informing Material

April - May 2021

Education Campaign

  • Roll out of FAQ Sheets and Informational Videos to the community to provide background information around the IPR Suite and how it's documents are developed through community input balanced with Shire resources, staff time and how much money the Shire has to spend. 
- SCP Informational Video - coming soon!
- AMP FAQ Sheet - coming soon!
- AMP Informational Video - coming soon! 
- LTFP FAQ Sheet - coming soon! 
- LTRP Informational Video - coming soon!
- WFP FAQ Sheet - coming soon!
- WFP Informational Video - coming soon!
In Progress
June 2021

Community Consultation 

Council will commence consultation with the community for the major review of the Strategic Community Plan.

The purpose of this consultation will be to come together as a community to discuss what really matters to us. What areas do we want to focus on? What can we achieve together as a Shire and community taking into account the Shire's resources, staff time and how much money the Shire realistically has to spend? 

Details for the format of the consultation and when it will take place will be provided in the near future. 

July - August 2021 Development of draft SCP
September - October 2021 Draft of SCP provided to Council for review and also put out for Public Comment
November 2021 Finalisation of draft SCP following Public Comment period and Council Review
December 2021 Adoption of SCP by Council and then implementation 


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