Summer Suite of Events

As part of the Shire's services to the community, annually it conducts a suite of events across our Shire (1 at least per sub-region each season being Gingin Sub-Region, Upper Coastal Sub-Region and Lower Coastal Sub-Region) which has come to be known as the Summer Suite of Events.

These events are often FREE or consist of a small participation fee and they are designed to encourage community involvement across a broad age range. In recent years, these suite of events have frequently been supported with funding from Bendigo Bank.

Generally the annual format of events is as follows: 

Australia Day Picnic Breakfast - Neergabby

Gingin Alternate Biennial Event (2021/22 FY will be Gingin 150th)

Gingin Biennial Triathlon

Lancelin Alternate Biennial Event (2020/21 FY - Immerse Creative Arts Festival)

Lancelin Biennial Triathlon

Music in the Park - Guilderton

The Biennial Events mean that the year Gingin holds its Triathlon, the following year it will hold its alternate event. For Lancelin, the year Gingin holds its alternate event it will hold its Triathlon whilst the following year it will hold its alternate event. Generally the Gingin Triathlon will take place in an odd-numbered year whilst the Lancelin Triathlon will take place in an even-numbered year. The alternate events will operate in the opposite manner although all four events may occur at any time in the financial year so conceivably, both events could take place in the same calendar year meaning that there will be no events for that town the following year.


Contact the Shire's Events department on (08) 9575 5162