Boat Launching Facility Planning Study

The Boat Launching Facility Planning Study was prepared by coastal engineers MP Rogers & Associates . 

This study was produced at the request of the Shire of Gingin and was funded by the Department of Transport’s 'Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme' and the Department of Regional Development’s 'Royalties for Regions' funding.

The Shire of Gingin has approximately 65km of coastline including the coastal towns of Guilderton, Seabird, Ledge Point and Lancelin. The region is popular for recreational boating but does not have any formal boat launching facilities on the ocean shoreline. Currently boats are launched over the beach at a number of locations. The nearest formal boat ramps to the region are the Two Rocks Boat Ramp to the south and Jurien Bay Boat Ramp to the north. Both are more than 40km from the coastal communities in the Shire of Gingin. Previous investigations have highlighted the high demand for boat launching facilities in the Shire and with further development along the coast this demand is expected to increase.

To address this demand for boating facilities the Shire required an investigation to identify a safe site for ocean boat launching within the Shire of Gingin. In particular the sites to be investigated were Lancelin, Ledge Point, Seabird and Guilderton. The Shire engaged specialist coastal and port engineers, M P Rogers & Associates Pty Ltd, to carry out the investigation. This report presents the findings of this investigation.