A fixed standpipe is a metered service providing access to bulk water supplies in regional Western Australia.

Fixed standpipes provide an essential source of water for people in communities who are remote from reticulated water schemes and may otherwise have limited or no water for household purposes, firefighting or to supplement water for stock.

Businesses remote from a reticulated water supply may rely on water carted from fixed standpipes to provide essential input to their business for production and for staff amenity. 

Fixed standpipes can be either privately or local government owned and are an essential source of water for people and businesses in remote areas with limited access to reticulated water schemes. 

The Shire of Gingin has one standpipe which is available for public use. It is located on Honeycomb Road near Gingin. An Application Form (found below) is required to be completed in order to utilise the standpipe on Honeycombe Road. 

Application Form for use of Honeycomb Rd Standpipe


Contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 or for information about standpipes throughout regional WA, visit the Water Corporation's website