Trading in Public Places

The Shire supports stalls and trading as an enterprising activity that contributes to the wellbeing and benefit of residents and experience of visitors to the region.

The Shire encourages a high standard of service delivery whilst also supporting local economic development and commercial viability.

An itinerant trader application is for a trader who trades from a vehicle on public roads, stopping in various locations only long enough to conduct a sale. An itinerant trader may be a food or non-food trader (An example is a mobile ice cream van).

A general Trading in Public Places Permit is for nominated location/s and time slots mutually agreed upon between the vendor and the Shire often in consultation with other government departments. 

These can be semi- permanent locations and offer more stability for the vendor by paying an annual registration for the locations.  These can be food or non-food traders also. 

Should you wish to provide any goods and services for sale or hire, approvals must be obtained from the Shire. We operate a strict policing process to ensure that all goods and services remain safe and conditions of approval are adhered to.

Please see link below to the Department of Health's website for comprehensive information on operating a temporary or mobile food business:

Management of Temporary and Mobile Food Businesses - Department of Health.

Trading in Public Place Permit - Temporary Stall Holder

If you are planning to hold a temporary stall, an application for a Trading in Public Place Permit can be found below:

Trading in Public Places Permit - Temporary Stallholder

Please return the completed form to and it will be forwarded to a relevant Shire officer for processing.

For more information or if you would like to apply for a stallholder permit please contact Regulatory Services on (08) 9575 5100.

Application for Trading in Public Places Permit

Application for Trading in Public Places Permit - Itinerant Vendor