Annual Budget

The 2020/21 Annual Budget has been adopted by Council. The Statutory Report from the Budget is available for viewing now. The Budget Bulletin (which contains explanatory information about the Budget and your Rates) is also available for viewing. A copy of this document is always included with your annual Rates mail out. 

Statutory Report from the Annual Budget

Budget Bulletin

Every local government is required under the Local Government Act 1995 to produce a Budget annually which outlines sources of revenue and expenditure items for the financial year ahead (being 1 July - 30 June the following year). 

The Budget forms one part of four for the Shire's Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework (IPR Suite). This suite of documents includes the Shire's Strategic Community Plan (10 year plan - available for viewing here), Corporate Business Plan (4 year plan - available for viewing here), the Annual Budget (1 year plan) and Annual Report (a progress report produced annually - available for viewing here).

Each document feeds into the other with the Strategic Community Plan created based upon community feedback received at it's major review which occurs every four years. The purpose of the IPR Suite is to ensure that Council is actioning the Community's preferred projects in addition to ongoing service provision such as roads, rubbish, etc.    

Fees & Charges

The Shire of Gingin's Fees & Charges may be viewed via the following link. This document is reviewed and updated annually in conjunction with the Shire's Annual Budget. 

Fees & Charges 2020/21

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