Emergency Services Volunteering

In Australia we all rely on volunteers for assistance and protection during life threatening emergency events. These volunteers provide a vital and invaluable service to the community and operate via the support of their respective local government and relevant State Government department, etc. 

You can find out more information about these services as follows including local contacts and also how to volunteer with them. 

Bush Fire Service WA Volunteering

West Australians in rural and pastoral areas rely heavily on Bush Fire Brigades (BFB) for protection against the threat and devastation of fire.

Over 19,000+ bush fire service volunteers protect WA from bush fires through fire prevention and risk management, fire suppression and fire safety education.

These volunteers operate through 500+ BFBs which are administered and trained by respective Local Governments and supported by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

In the Shire of Gingin there are currently 8 Bush Fire Brigades which are: 

  • Beermullah
  • Gingin South (Gingin)
  • Gingin West (Woodridge)
  • Guilderton
  • Ledge Point
  • Nilgen
  • Ocean Farm 
  • Red Gully

Each brigade always welcomes new volunteers and support members. Those who volunteer or provide support are providing a tremendous service to their communities. Being a volunteer is an incredibly rewarding experience that provides everyone, regardless of age or background, with the opportunity to give something back to their local community.

How to Sign Up

To become a volunteer or a support member with your local Bush Fire Brigade please contact Phil Barrett, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer for the Shire of Gingin, on 0408 943 576 during Shire office hours or your local Bush Fire Brigade Captains. 

Fire & Rescue WA Volunteering

Whilst similar to Bush Fire Brigades, fire fighters belonging to Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) brigades, in addition to providing firefighting and fire preventention services, also undertake safety and rescue services and specialise in different scenarios.   

These highly trained FRS firefighters operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, each day of the year to respond to a variety of incidents that threaten life and property.

FRS firefighters are responsible for:

  • Road crash rescue including removing people from vehicles and other types of rescues
  • Fires in homes and other structures
  • Bush, landscape and vegetation fires
  • Chemical and hazardous material management including petrol or flammable spills and gas leaks
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capabilities to help people trapped in collapsed buildings
  • Support to flood, storms, tempest and other natural disasters
  • Turn out to automatic fire alarm systems in buildings
  • Community awareness and education programs
  • Building fire safety inspection, investigation and prosecution
  • Administering legislation relating to fire and safety, hazardous materials facilities and hazard mitigation
  • Rural land management advice regarding the role and use of fire
  • Fire scene investigation
  • Alarm monitoring and response
  • Commercial training in firefighting, fire safety and evacuation procedures

For incidents involving road crash rescues and hazardous materials emergencies, specialised equipment such as the ‘jaws of life’ hydraulic rams, cutters and spreaders, decontamination equipment and protective clothing are used.

Other specialised equipment includes thermal imaging cameras, gas detectors, 30 metre elevated work and rescue platforms and a modern fleet of firefighting appliances (trucks). 

How to Sign Up

To become a volunteer or a support member with either the Gingin Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service or the Lancelin Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service, visit the DFES website or contact each brigade directly - see contacts as per the following.

Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Contact List

Marine Rescue WA Volunteering

Marine Rescue volunteers work in close liaison with the WA Police Force to coordinate and perform marine rescue activities as well as assisting during other emergencies including bushfires.

There are both responder and support roles available, depending on your location and the current need.

How to Sign Up

In the Shire of Gingin there is only one group of volunteers which is the Lancelin Volunteer Marine Rescue Group (Inc). They can be contacted on (08) 9655 1289 or via lancelinvmrs@bigpond.com

State Emergency Service Volunteering

The State Emergency Service (SES) provides invaluable response capabilities by providing essential response during storms, cyclones and floods. They also work closely with WA Police on land searches and rescues.

There are both responder and support roles available, depending on your location and the current need.

How to Sign Up

Visit the SES website to find out more. 

St John Ambulance Volunteering

St John volunteers deliver event health and community services, raise funds, attend events and run the St John youth programs. Becoming a volunteer is a rewarding way to meet new people, help the community, and save lives through First Aid and advanced pre-hospital care.

How to Sign Up

Visit the St John Ambulance website to find out more. 

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Contact the Shire's Community Emergency Services Manager/Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, Phil Barrett, on 0408 943 576 during office hours.