Effluent Disposal

The Shire has three different types of effluent disposal that are used throughout the region. Your property's location determines which type of system you will need.  These are:

  1. Leach Drain/Septic Tank systems

  2. Secondary Treatment Systems (also known as ATUs)

  3. Sewer (Water Corp service)

The State Government's Sensitive Sewerage Policy was recently adopted and as of 6 April 2023 this is being implemented throughout the Shire.

They have provided a mapping system to identify if your property falls within a sensitive zone. If your property is in this area, you will need to have a Secondary Treatment System.

Please see link below:

WA State map by the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage

Effluent System Application Form

All installations or changes to the effluent systems must be approved by the Shire. You will be asked to provide a Septic Tank Application prior to lodging a building application to ensure that the system you require meets all necessary legislation.

This form applies to all applications for secondary treatment systems and leach drain/septic tank systems. You do not need to complete this if you are connecting to sewer. Please see link below:

Septic Tank Information and Application Forms - Department of Health

Secondary Treatment Systems

This link below outlines the State Government Sewerage Policy:

Government Sewerage Policy (2019)

This web page resource link below outlines the requirements for STS/ATUs from The Department of Health Secondary Treatment Systems:

Secondary Treatment and Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

The below link is the current approved list of STS/ATU installers in the Shire of Gingin:

List of authorised service person for domestic secondary treatment systems

Sewer Availability

This is a Water Corporation service and is available in some of the Shire's coastal towns. Click on the Water Corp link below to see if it is available to your property.

Property Water Rates Search