Project Consultations

We recognise that what is happening in your community is important to you. With this in mind, the Shire of Gingin regularly ensures that the local community is given the opportunity to find out about all the current matters open for consultation. Please see the following list of open consultations.

The feedback or consultation period for some projects may have closed but until such time as the project is completed, it shall remain here with relevant documents for public viewing.  

Boat Launching Facilities

Upper Coastal Sporting Facilities Master Plan - revision 2.0

Project involving Shire Land and/or Assets

From time to time a community group/individual may wish to undertake a project where they would like to alter, upgrade and/or add new infrastructure/assets to the Shire of Gingin’s property (including land). 

Further information about this can be found on the Shire's Projects - Shire Land/Assets webpage.