Food & Beverage Capability Guide

If you ever wondered where your fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarket came from then there is a fair chance they were grown in the Shires of Gingin, Chittering and Dandaragan.

These three Shires make up one of five regions in the Wheatbelt known as the Central Coast Wheatbelt region. This region produces more fresh fruit and vegetables than anywhere else in Western Australia. Some of the products produced here include:

  • 83% of WA's oranges
  • 80% of WA's lemons
  • 64% of WA's blueberries
  • 60% of WA's lettuce
  • 51% of WA's cauliflower
  • 41% of WA's mangoes

In 2021 these three Shires came together in partnership with the Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development (DPIRD) and the Wheatbelt Development Commission (WDC) to create a Food & Beverage Capability Guide. The purpose of this guide is to showcase larger producers throughout the Central Coast Wheatbelt and also those specialised producers providing jams, preserves, honeys, cheeses, wines and more.

The Central Coastal Wheatbelt Food & Beverage Capability Guide currently features 11 x food and beverage producers from the Shire of Gingin including Borrello Beef, Bullbar Beef Jerky, Dr Jims Famous Lemon Squash, Gingin Pomegranates and Dates, Guinea Grove Farm, Local Goat Artisan Cheese, Loose Leaf Lettuce, Marvick Native Farms, Northern Valleys Fruit Pops, West Coast Honey and Western Produce. This number is as of November 2021 and is a small fraction of our local producers, with opportunities available for more producers to be included in the guide when it is reviewed.

The Guide is FREE for all businesses to participate in and the Guide is available digitally (see above link). Ultimately the goal of the Guide is to link products with potential buyers.

If you are a producer in the Shire of Gingin and you would like to be included in the Guide, please contact the Shire of Gingin on (08) 9575 5100 /