Gingin Cemetery

The Gingin Cemetery is managed by the Shire and is located on Brockman Street. It is the only operational cemetery within the Shire of Gingin. It has been the final resting place of many locals since 1885 and has beautiful views of the township of Gingin. 

The Gingin Cemetery offers traditional burials and a niche wall for interment of ashes. The Gingin Cemetery has four sections which are Anglican, Methodist, Uniting, Roman Catholic and Non-Denominational.

Arrangements for burials and interments of ashes may be made to the Shire Administration Centre - contact (08) 9575 5100 or email Alternatively your funeral director will be able to provide assistance in matters concerning funeral arrangements.

Local Laws are applicable to the Shire's Cemetery. A copy of these laws may be viewed by clicking here

Wannamal Cemetery

Wannamal Cemetery is located on the eastern fringes of the Shire of Gingin at the town site of Wannamal which also extends into the Shire of Chittering. 

The Cemetery is no longer in operation but the Shire of Gingin does keep records of burials at Wannamal Cemetery. 


Application for Monumental Masons Licence

Application for Burial

Application for Grant of Right of Burial Certificate

Application for Interment of Ashes

Application for Memorial Plaque

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Application for Plaque (Niche Wall)

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Relinquishment of Grant

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