Australia Day Events

The Story of Australia is steeped in history of an extraordinary nation. The Story begins 60,000 years ago. New chapters are written every day. On Australia Day, we reflect on our history, its highs and its lows. We respect the stories of others. And we celebrate our nation, its achievements and most of all, its people.

We're all part of the story.

In the Shire of Gingin we have many communities who each celebrate Australia Day in different ways.

Australia Day Picnic Breakfast Event

Annually the Shire of Gingin holds a picnic breakfast at Neergabby which forms part of the Shire's Summer Suite of Events.

During this event breakfast is provided with an Australia Day Service conducted afterwards. Generally this will include a Citizenship Ceremony to welcome any new citizens to our communities and the presentation of the Australia Day Awards where we reconise individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to our communities. 

To view details for the Australia Day event (usually advertised around October/November annually) please click here

Australia Day Awards Past Recipients

Since 2003 the Shire of Gingin has conducted Australia Day Awards across its various communities at the Shire's annual Australia Day Picnic Breakfast Event at Neergabby. Initially the awards began as the Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards. In 2017 however, they were renamed the Community Citizen of the Year Awards

A list of all past award recipients for the Shire of Gingin can be found as follows. 

Premier's Australia Day Active Citizenship Awards
Open Citizenship Award Person Under 25 Yrs Citizenship Award Community Group/Event Citizenship Award
2003 Peter Jamieson Dad’s Army – Construction Crew – Ledge Point Golf Club
2004 Arthur Delechantos Katarina McDowell Lower Moore River Working Group
2005 Geoffrey Barrett Gingin Aquatic Club Inc.
2006 Robert Brodie-Hall British Car Day
2007 Wendie West Gingin DHS Student Council – Nepal Sister School Initiative Gingin Financial Services Voluntary Board of Directors
2008 Bevan Gresele Marie and Denis Phillips
2009 Annette Howard Jerrah Menary St John Ambulance Chittering-Gingin Sub Centre (Gingin)
2010 Robert James Kelsey Parker Gingin Pensioner's Social Club Inc.
2011 Rachael Dobra Louise Bentink Koorunga Country Women’s Association
2012 Norm Wallace
2013 Sally Gifford ANZAC Service Community Event in Gingin
2014 Ron Pollard Jessica Elliot Gingin-Chittering Lions Club
2015 Murray Hyne Gingin Red Cross Unit
2016 Julie Polette Lancelin & Districts Lions Club
Community Citizen of the Year Awards
Citizen of the Year Youth Citizen of the Year Senior Citizen of the Year Community Group/Event of the Year
2017 Katrina Jaques Brayden Rule  Bob James  Treasure Trove 
2018 Susy Wright Norma Gray Riley Family of Lancelin Sands  
2019 Sharon Martin Dianne Millar Gingin Eagles Football Club 
2020 Simone McLean Graeme Maitland-Smith  Sylvia Kelly  Koorunga CWA 
2021 Jane Taylor John (Skip) Truswell  Roxanne Fewster
2022 Melanie Lockett Chandler Mcminn Dot Branch Gingin Outdoor Activity Space Community Working Group

Nominating for an Australia Day Award

Annually the Shire of Gingin calls upon community members to nominate any community individuals or groups who you think have made an extraordinary contribution to any of the Shire's various communities. 

Typically nominations are called around the end of August/start of September and close on 31 October. The Shire usually advertises for nominees via its monthly newsletter, in each of the 4 local newspapers circulating throughout the Shire and also on our website and Facebook page. 

The nomination categories include: 

  • Community Citizen of the Year
  • Community Citizen of the Year (Youth)
  • Community Citizen of the Year (Senior)
  • Active Citizenship of the Year Award (Group or Event) 

Other Summer Suite Events

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Contact the Shire's Community Services division on (08) 9575 5162