Street Lighting

Western Power installs and maintains most of our street lights in WA on behalf of local Councils and ensures they remain in good working order.

Report a Faulty Street Light

If you have noticed a street light in your community that isn't working, please report it to Western Power. You can do this 1 of 2 ways:

Call 1800 622 008 

To report Street Light outages or graffiti to Western Power infrastructure

Report it online 

Using Western Power's useful map resource to exactly pinpoint faulty lights in your community

Western Power requests that if you see a fault you report it straight away. Please refrain from keeping a list of faults and reporting them at a later date, as one of the faults may have already been resolved and this may cause unnecessary call outs. If the streetlight is damaged or fallen, or if you think it might be dangerous, please call 13 13 51 straight away. 

Power Outages

Need to report a power outage instead? The contact number to report power outages to Western Power is 13 13 51