Graffiti & Vandalism

Graffiti and damage to public and private property can really detract from the visual appeal of our communities and just generally cause an inconvenience or in some cases, a real issue to members of the community. 

Acts of vandalism and graffiti can include:

  • Defacing, scratching, tagging, writing, drawing symbols or the placing of materials onto any surface without the property owner's permission
  • Breaking and entering into private or public property without permission
  • The destruction of public or private property without permission

Reporting Vandalism & Graffiti Offences

If you witness someone carrying out an act of vandalism including committing breaking and entering or a graffiti offence to public or private property, then please do not approach the person(s) committing the offence. Take note of the location or address of the property and a description of the offender and when it is safe to do so, please contact the Police: 

If you discover graffiti or vandalism after it has occurred to private property then please also contact the police to report it.

If the graffiti or the vandalism has occurred on public property however that is owned by the Shire of Gingin, then please contact the Shire on (08) 9575 5100 to report it or you can also report it online via our website. Shire property includes:

  • Shire-owned buildings such as public toilets, halls, etc. 
  • Footpaths and roads
  • Water tanks
  • Shire signage and electronic fire notice boards
  • Park and playground equipment

Removal of Graffiti / Vandalism Repairs

Once the Shire has received a report of graffiti or vandalism which has occurred on public property owned by the Shire of Gingin then the Shire will aim to  remove any graffiti within the next 5 business days. Property damage such as broken doors, lights, etc. may take longer to repair if new materials have to be ordered to undertake the repairs or replacement of the damaged property. 

If graffiti has occurred on private property then the Shire recommends contacting the State Government and WA Police Goodbye Graffiti Hotline for advice about removing the graffiti: