Heavy Vehicles/RAV Network

The Shire of Gingin possesses an extensive road network with hundreds of kilometres of bitumen and gravel roads. Approximately half of the Shire's Annual Budget goes towards the maintenance of the Shire's road network annually so it's very important to Council to prolong the longevity of this asset where it can. Heavy vehicles can have a huge impact on the Shire's road networks and consequently, wear them out very quickly if the network's integrity is not preserved and utilised responsibly. 

What is a RAV Network? 

Restricted Vehicle Access (RAV) networks are maintained all across Western Australia. Essentially all WA roads are part of the network and access to certain roads may not be permitted to certain types of heavy vehicles unless a permit is granted. 

Who can grant Road Access? 

Main Roads WA is responsible for determining and administering road access for Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) in WA in accordance with Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014.

Many types of RAVs with differing performance characteristics or requiring different amounts of road space have different impacts on road infrastructure. 

With this in mind, a number of defined RAV road networks has been established outlining where vehicles can travel based on a set of specifications.  

Your RAV networks are available via the RAV Mapping tool on the Main Roads WA website or in 'road table' format on the relevant Permit or Order page. 

Note: The RAV mapping tool should be used as a guide only and approved roads should be checked using the road tables and addendums.

Before making a decision on an application for route access, Main Roads may deem it necessary to do any or all of the following:

  • Perform a further assessment of the route;
  • Assess the stability of the vehicle and load which may involve a PBS Assessment or similar;
  • Assess the suitability of the road pavement;
  • Assess the suitability of all structures on the proposed route to accommodate the specific vehicle;
  • Specify conditions of access such as speed limits, hours of operation or accreditation requirements;
  • Obtain local government agreement for the proposed route (for all operators); and
  • Recommend a number of road improvements as conditions of approval.

Acquiring Shire Approval 

Roads not on the RAV Network require Shire approval before Main Roads WA will issue the permits. Applications must be made on the RAV Authority Application Form available from the Shire (see below).

The Executive Manager Operations & Assets will advise Main Roads WA of the Shire’s RAV Haulage Routes and conditions to be imposed on all applications seeking approval to use the Shire’s heavy haulage routes. Shire conditions do not apply to main roads that exist in the Shire under the jurisdiction of Main Roads WA which currently includes Brand Highway and Indian Ocean Drive.

Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) Authority Application

The Shire of Gingin has a dedicated policy which deals with the movement of Restricted Access Vehicles on roads under the Shire's control and management.

This policy can be found in the Shire's Policy Manual and is entitled 7.6 Road Transport - Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV)


Contact the Shire's Operations team on (08) 9575 5100, option 7.