Accessible (ACROD) Parking

For further information regarding Accessible Parking please refer to the Shire's Aged Care & Disability page on our website. 

Motorbike Parking

Motorbike bays are located around the Shire and are free of charge. Motorbikes are permitted to park in car bays however, applicable parking fees must be paid and stated time limits apply.

When purchasing a ticket to park your motorbike in a car bay the Shire recommends that you obtain proof of purchase that can be provided should an infringement be issued due to the ticket having blown away or been removed.

Paid Parking (Guilderton)

Paid parking for the Guilderton Foreshore Car Park (GFCP) was introduced in 2017 to generate income to offset the operating expenditure required to maintain and protect the Moore River area. This environmentally sensitive area continues to attract rising numbers of tourists annually which means that the area requires more upkeep by the Shire.

Consultation was undertaken with the public in June 2017 via a survey which was widely advertised and open to all Shire residents, ratepayers and any visitors to Guilderton. Survey participants were offered 4 options (the introduction of paid parking / free unlimited parking with an increase in rates / free unlimited parking with a specified area rate / free unlimited parking). The survey resulted in 73% of the respondents voting in favour of paid parking which indicated that there was overwhelming support for the introduction of paid parking at the Guilderton foreshore. Consequently, Council unanimously resolved to implement paid parking at the Guilderton foreshore.

The GFCP is the only paid parking area within the Shire of Gingin. There are several other free parking options available within easy walking distance of the Guilderton Foreshore is visitors prefer not to have to pay. The Shire also offers free unrestricted parking at all its other beaches and town sites.

100% of the revenue collected from the Guilderton foreshore parking meters is reinvested by the Shire into initiatives and programs developed to maintain the pristine and unique region of the Moore River so that current and future visitors may continue to safely enjoy the area. 

If visitors to Guilderton have any further queries about the paid parking at the foreshore then please feel free to contact the Shire or (08) 9575 5100 or alternatively submit a Feedback Form to the Shire.