Subdivisions, Amalgamations & R-Codes

Subdivisions, amalgamations and R-Codes are just some of the areas that the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for managing on behalf of the State. The WAPC liaises with the Shire of Gingin for comment in relation to these areas when it receives applications, etc.  

Subdivisions & Amalgamations

Subdivision and amalgamation applications are determined by the WAPC. Upon receiving an application for subdivision or amalgamation, the WAPC refer the application to various authorities for comment. Referral agencies include government departments, services providers and the responsible local government for their comment.

Once an application is referred to the Shire of Gingin for their comment then the Shire has 42 days to provide their recommendation which may be either:

  1. Approval (with or without conditions)
  2. Refusal (with Reason)
  3. Deferral (more information required)

The Shire of Gingin assess such applications based on the Shire's Local Planning Scheme No 9, Local Planning Policies, relevant Outline Development Plans and the Residential Design Codes

The WAPC have 90 days to determine an application for subdivision or amalgamation. If the WAPC determine to approve a subdivision it is generally done so with conditions. The conditions of approval are required to be fulfilled and satisfied to clear the condition from the subdivision approval. A condition imposed on the approval will have the responsible clearing agency listed at the end of the condition.

Once the necessary works are complete to clear the condition then the applicant can request the responsible agency to clear the condition. Conditions the Shire of Gingin is the responsible clearing agency for incur a fee

The responsible agency can then clear the condition and notify the WAPC that they are satisfied the required works have been undertaken to clear the condition. Once all conditions of the subdivision are complete, the titles for the new lots can be requested from Landgate. Landgate will then request that the Shire of Gingin provide street or rural addresses for the properties.

Further Resources

Application Forms, etc.

Call the WAPC on (08) 6551 8002

Email the WAPC via


The Residential Design Codes are commonly called the "R-Codes" and they are the basis for the control of residential development in most local authorities in all parts of the State. They also specify the requirements for development control and minimise the need for separate planning policies for residential development.

Further Resources

More information about R-Codes can be viewed on the Western Australian Planning Commission's website.


Contact the Shire's Planning Services department on (08) 9575 5100, option 5.