Every year the Shire of Gingin offers the community an opportunity to apply for funding for projects and events via its 'Community Grants Program'. The program typically runs two funding rounds annually: mid-year and end of year (dates advertised once confirmed).

Funding is available to support small to mid-scale scale projects with a completion date of 31 May annually or event initiatives with a completion date of 10 June annually.

It is expected that applicants will make a financial contribution to their project/event.  To share project costs (where possible) co-funding (third party) is encouraged.


Who Can Apply?

Grant funding is available to not-for-profit organisations and groups. Unincorporated organisations must be supported by an auspicing organisation.

Before You Apply!

Before the Shire can approve any grant funding we need to know if your project is related to new fixed infrastructure, additions/alterations and/or improvements to existing Shire infrastructure. If so the Shire requires potential candidates to provide us with a brief scope of what the project may involve.

For more information on this visit the 'Community Projects for Shire Assets/Land' on the Shire's website here:

Please contact the Community Development Officer for 'Concept Enquiry' deadlines and other information on (08) 9575 5162 or via

Guidelines & Application Forms for Grant Funding

Below are two application forms:

  • Form B - mid-scale project funding for $3,001 and over; and
  • Form C - small projects and public liability insurance funding up to $3,000.

Before completing either form please read Form A - Community Grant Guidelines. 

Form A - Community Grant Guidelines 2019-20

Form B - Community Grant Application 2019-20 (projects over $3,001 ex GST)

Form C - Small Community Grant & Public Liability Insurance Grant Application 2019-20 (projects up to $3,000 ex GST)

Community Group Information Form - update details

Please complete the applicable form and return to the Shire via the options listed on the last page of either form.

For more information on our Community Grants Program please contact our Community Development Officer on (08) 9575 5162 or via


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