Online Form - Transportation Advice for Raw Poultry Manure

Online Form: Transport Advice - Raw Poultry Manure

Stable Fly is a declared pest within the Shire of Gingin under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act 2007. If you intend to transport raw poultry manure within the Shire of Gingin district then you are required to report this to the Shire as per the State Government's 'Biosecurity Agricultural Management (Stable Fly) Management Plan 2019' which was created to support the Act and assist in the management of Stable Fly within the Gingin area.

Transportation of Untreated Poultry Manure (UPM) to a dryland pasture for the purpose of spreading will be accepted provided the following guidelines are adhered with:

  • The Shire of Gingin is informed 3 days prior to the action;
  • No more than 10t/ha spread;
  • Spread evenly;
  • No stockpile;
  • No particles >20mm;
  • No return spreading less than 3 months apart; and
  • Not spread closer than 500m from a residence.

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