Local Planning Strategy

The Shire of Gingin Local Planning Strategy ("the Strategy") is a planning tool that enables Council to set out its vision for the municipality, and the longer-term directions for land use and development.

The Strategy establishes a basic structure in terms of future population and employment, and outlines the broad strategies for housing, industrial, shopping and business activities, and proposals for transport, open space and other public uses. The Strategy also accounts for the rural areas of the municipality and plans for the land use, settlement pattern, management and development of these extensive non-urban areas.

The Strategy is:

  • Foremost, an expression of Council's vision for the Shire of Gingin over the next 15 – 20 years;
  • A public document which provides the opportunity for government agencies and the community to have input into strategic planning; and
  • A plan that will form the basis for land use, zoning, subdivision and development throughout the Shire, to be implemented through the statutory planning system, including amendments to Council's Town Planning Scheme.
The Strategy is incorporated into the Town Planning Scheme by reference, and as such has the same force and effect as the Scheme, but does not actually form part of the Scheme. Accordingly any changes to the Strategy do not require formal Amendments to the Scheme, rather the Town Planning Regulations 1967 (as amended) set out procedures for modification.

All documentation associated with the Strategy can be found on the WA Department of Planning's website


For further information, please contact the Shire of Gingin's Planning Department on (08) 9575 5100.

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