Off-Road Vehicle Information

Within the Shire of Gingin there are two areas gazetted under the Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas) Act,  where - in addition to road registered vehicles - vehicles not registered for on-road use are permitted. The Ledge Point area caters for two, three or four-wheel motorbikes only, while the Lancelin Off Road Vehicle Area can be used by two, three or four-wheel motorbikes, plus beach buggies or four-wheel drive vehicles.

In order to use either area, the vehicle must be road registered or registered for off-road use and restrictions in relation to age limits, safety equipment and noise apply.  Vehicles can be registered at any licensing centre - for locations visit or call 13 11 56. The fee is currently $15.00, with a one-off $15.00 fee for number plates the first time the vehicle is registered. Infringement notices are issued for non-compliance with any of the restrictions, or for failure to register the vehicle.

Please note: the parking stations at both Ledge Point and Lancelin Off Road Vehicle Areas are open every day between 8.00am and 7.00pm - parking your vehicle outside these times may incur a fine.

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Lancelin Sand Dunes

The popular Lancelin sand dune system is approximately two kilometres long and located directly inland from the Lancelin township. It is a 'shared area' and provides recreational space for off-road driving and sand boarding. Often, when the wind patterns make tracks impassable, new tracks are created by the general public which are only suitable for one-way traffic. 

Given the very nature of the area, it should only be entered by four-wheel drive vehicles. Only the parking area at Lancelin is suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles which could easily become bogged in other tracks within the dunes, causing a dangerous situation for all concerned.

The sand dunes to the east of the Lancelin town site are subjected to strong winds from the south-west, and at times the east, which cause the shape of the dunes to change. These wind conditions cause drop-offs to occur which cannot be seen when approaching the crest of the dune. Always check the area out before riding

Please note: medical facilities in Lancelin are minimal.  The doctor does not open the medical centre on weekends and Silver Chain staff are only available for emergencies.  The St John Ambulance service is operated by volunteers and the ambulance stationed in Lancelin is also required to respond to all other medical emergencies, as well as traffic accidents on the Perth-Lancelin Road and Indian Ocean Drive.

Extreme care needs to be taken by all those who use the area to help prevent accidents.


When you ride in a gazetted Off-Road Vehicle Area you a responsible for your own safety. Legally, this  means you are unable to claim against the landowner or any other person if you suffer an injury while riding or even just being there.  

It is advisable to take out personal insurance against death or injury while undertaking this activity.


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Shire of Gingin Offices


7 Brockman Street
Gingin WA 6503

T: (08) 9575 5100

F: (08) 9575 2121



255 Vins Way
Lancelin WA 6044

T: (08) 9575 5155

F: (08) 9575 2121


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